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Dear Dr. Thorne,

I am so happy I have a new ear now. It is very amazing how you are able to do this. You are a great surgeon, I think my parents made a great choice picking you to make my ear. I know the process of making my finished ear is in a while, but what you have done now is truly a gift.


Making something special is a real big dream come true so, for a special ear made by an awesome doctor, you deserve a very big THANK YOU!!

DEAR Dr.Thorne,

Our EARnest gratitude we'd like to express,
With Penina's new EAR we are greatly impressed,
With unmatched precision, crafted so carefully,
Your expertise and skill were evident clEARly.
Your dedication to your patients is remarkable,
Both EARly and late you were available,
With honesty and clarity you laid our fEARs to rest,
You EARned our trust, we know you're the best.
We'd like to thank you for all that you've done,
And wish you a happy new yEAR and many more to come!

Dear Dr. Thorne,

I just wanted to write you a note regarding Chace. Allen and I can't begin to thank you enough for all your help with Chace so far. We can't describe the feelings & reactions we had in the past about his ear! Now anyone who knows Chace or sees him is taken back by the amazing change. Even though this was the first step in his surgery, the difference of the asymmetry of his face is incredible. We had no idea the surgery would effect his overall appearance so much. We hope to get the 2nd surgery done ASAP! As soon as we get the insurance coverage we need, we'll be in touch!

Dear Dr. Thorne,

All of us appreciate everything you've done for little Garrett. Your excellent reputation helped us find you: your sweet demeanor and generous, humble attitude made us glad we did our research.
Somehow we knew you were the perfect choice, and we have felt so lucky to find you at the right time. It was meant to be; you earned the expertise to put Garrett "back together again" and we thank you.
We will forever remember your role in Garrett's healing, and your kind and gentle ways as well. It was a pleasure.

Dr. Thorne & Staff,

Thank you for your team's hard work and the wonderful job you did with Jeremy's surgery. He looks great and is recovering so quickly. Your professionalism and great staff really made the experience so much better. We know that you really care about your patients.

Dear Dr. Thorne,

We just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much we appreciated the incredible job you did on Alyssa's ear. When we started this process last year, we could've only hoped that we'd find a physician as wonderful as you. We were putting our daughter's safety in your hands, and as a fellow parent, you know how difficult that is to do. From the first time we met you, we knew (and more importantly, Alyssa knew) that you were the right surgeon to perform this operation. Your caring nature and positive outlook gave us a comfort that we will never forget. You have a wonderful bedside manner along with great expertise in the field of plastic surgery.
Please thank your entire staff for their professionalism and caring nature. Again, thank you so much for your expertise! We find it truly amazing that in less than a year, Alyssa has been able to show off her new ear and doesn't have to hide it like she had been doing for the past 19 years!

Dear Dr. Thorne,

We are extremely appreciative of the hospital staff, anesthesiologists, nurses and your office staff for making Joe's surgery and recovery go so well. Any doubt we had about the hospital stay was relieved by the caring shown us by all we met.
There are no words to express how thankful we are for your great skill. We are very pleased with the way Joe's new ear looks. Above all, we thank you for your extraordinary compassion, kindness and patience you have shown to Joe and our family. Through your efforts, Joe is transformed with his spirit intact.
May you continue to use your great gifts of surgical skill and a caring heart for many years to come. We wish you and your family all good things in the year 2000 and beyond.

Dear Dr. Thorne and Staff,

We are so grateful for all of your support this past year during Marc's surgeries. You were always so helpful and patient during the reoccurring insurance difficulties, and my numerous "anxious parent" phone calls.
We would like to wish all of you a healthy and peaceful holiday season, shared with those that you love.
And, as Marc has been saying at our home, Happy New Ear!

Dear Dr. Thorne,

We wanted to thank you for all you have done for our daughter Michelle. It has been almost two years since we began her surgeries, and hope to be finished this May. She will be having an additional procedure by Dr. Hammerschlag to replace her eardrum. That is scheduled for May 16, 2000.
Both my husband and I wish to express our gratitude to you and your staff. You all worked to make a "scary" situation for a child and her parents much easier to take. Michelle was "at ease" with the entire situation, until just recently. With age, comes the anticipation, but this too, shall pass.
There truly are not enough words to use to say "Thank You" enough times. We will continue to give your name to anyone who inquires, and will forever speak highly of you.

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