Ear deformities come in every possible shape and size. In addition to standard microtia, Dr. Thorne has expertise in the following types of ear deformities:


Post Traumatic

  • Deformities from dog bites
  • Deformities from car accidents
  • Deformities from human bites
  • Deformities from burns
  • Cauliflower ear


Tumors, moles or other growths on ear

  • Basal cell cancer of ear
  • Squamous cell cancer of ear
  • Malignant melanoma and melanoma in situ of ear.
  • Mohs' defects of ear
  • Other tumors of ear


Congenital deformities

  • Prominent ears
  • Macrotia
  • Cryptotia
  • Question mark ear
  • Lop ear
  • Constricted ear
  • Congenital deformities of earlobe (Bifid earlobe)
  • Congenital ear tags and preauricular sinuses


Deformities related to ear piercing

  • Torn earlobes
  • Partially torn earlobes
  • Areas of collapse from earring infections
  • Stretched earlobes


Deformities related to aging

  • Elongated earlobes


Deformities related to previous cosmetic surgery

  • Unsightly facelift scars
  • Distorted sideburns or hairline behind ear after facelifting
  • Distorted earlobes after facelifting
  • Overcorrected ears after otoplasty
  • Under corrected ears after otoplasty
  • Unusual contours after otoplasty
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Other Ear Deformities

  • Preauricular Skin Tags
  • Congenital Deformity of Earlobe
  • Partial Ear Amputation from Car Accident
  • Question Mark Ear
  • Partial Ear Amputation

Ear Reconstruction Chapter


Dr. Thorne is the Editor-in-Chief and the author of several chapters in Grabb and Smith's PLASTIC SURGERY, 7th Edition. Click on the image above to access the Otoplasty and Ear Reconstruction chapters.



Ear Surgery Patient

DrThorne Patient

Dr. Thorne with one of his patients who underwent ear reconstruction on both sides.



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